Mattresses for Babies

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Matratze für das Baby-und Kinderbett in der Größe 70 x 140 cm. Mit Kaltschaum-Kern. Der Bezug aus Baumwolle ist mit Schafschurwolle gefüttert und bei 30 °C waschbar. öko-Tex zertifiziert.
€199,00 *
Matratze mit elastischen Schaumstoffkern und einem gesteppten, waschbaren Baumwollbezug. Ökotex Standard. In den Größen 70 x 140 cm oder 60 x 120 cm lieferbar, Höhe: 12 cm.
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Mattress Premium +7
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Development of your children is a fast-paced process that you experience on a daily basis. Especially in the first years of childhood, the decisive steps in the development of motor, mental and sensitive skills. To process these learning processes, your child needs one thing above all: healthy sleep. In the first 3 years, a child usually needs about 12 to 15 hours of sleep a day. So that this sleep is really restful and healthy for your child, there are a few things to keep in mind: In the growth phase, children still have a soft bone structure, which should be optimally supported by the mattress during sleep.
If your child sweats while sleeping, it will cool down afterwards and your child will wake up inevitably. Here pure natural materials (for example pure virgin wool, pure cotton) and a special mattress construction prove to be ideal climate regulators.

We are happy to advise you personally on the important decision of a mattress for your child.

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